This is tricky, because their user interface does a really dumb thing.

This article assumes you are setting up Podpage with your fill domain name ( If you're setting up a subdomain (, just replace www with podcast.

First, delete any and all records that start with www (or the subdomain you're using)

Then, add a new record at the bottom. Scroll down and find the ADD button

The natural thing would be type www (or your subdomain) first. But there's a really stupid bug: When you select CNAME, it deletes www (or your subdomain)!

So, make sure to re-add www (or your subdomain) after you choose CNAME.

Enter the Podpage DNS

Follow the instructions from this article to finish setup:

Then, hit save at the top of the screen

Scroll up to the top and in the left you'll see a SAVE button. Click that! I missed this the first time.

Hope this helps!

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