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Setting up your Podpage with a GoDaddy domain name
Setting up your Podpage with a GoDaddy domain name

Instructions to set up a GoDaddy domain with Podpage

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Integrating your GoDaddy domain with Podpage is a straightforward process that enhances the visibility and accessibility of your podcast website. This step-by-step guide ensures a seamless connection between your GoDaddy domain and Podpage.

Steps to Set Up Your GoDaddy Domain with Podpage

1. Log into GoDaddy

2. Navigate to DNS Management

  • Locate the domain you wish to set up, click the three dots, and choose "Edit DNS." This action directs you to the DNS Management page

3. Disable Forwarding

  • Access the "Forwarding" tab and ensure that your domain is not currently being forwarded to another location.

4. CNAME Section Exploration

  • Search for the CNAME section on the DNS Management page. If a CNAME with "www" in the name column exists, click the pencil icon. If not, click "Add New Record."

5. Enter Podpage DNS

  • Follow the DNS setup instructions provided by Podpage to complete the configuration seamlessly.

Follow the instructions from this article to finish setup:

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