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What are the Podpage DNS settings for my domain?
What are the Podpage DNS settings for my domain?

Here are the settings you'll need to get your domain working with Podpage

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To seamlessly integrate your domain with Podpage, follow these DNS settings instructions. This guide ensures that your Podpage website displays when visitors go to your domain.

Registration with Podpage

  1. Register Your Domain:

DNS Configuration Steps

  1. Access DNS Settings:

    • Log into your domain registrar's platform, the company where you purchased your domain.

    • If unsure where to find DNS settings, search "How to change DNS with [your registrar's name]."

Disable Domain Forwarding:

  • If domain forwarding is enabled, disable it to avoid conflicts with other DNS settings.

Add Podpage DNS Records:

  • Follow these instructions to configure DNS settings:

    • For the whole domain (

      • CNAME with host/name www pointing to

      • A Record with host/name @ pointing to

  • If errors occur, delete conflicting DNS records (e.g., existing www or "@" A Record).

For a subdomain (

  • CNAME with host/name yoursubdomain pointing to

Save and Wait:

  • Save the changes and allow a few hours for the DNS configuration to take effect. During this time, you may experience temporary unavailability and SSL errors.

Additional Resources

  1. Detailed Setup Instructions:


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