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Setting up your Podpage with a Cloudflare domain name
Setting up your Podpage with a Cloudflare domain name

If you use Cloudflare, pointing your domain to Podpage is easy.

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Elevate Your Podpage Experience with Cloudflare

If you're leveraging Cloudflare for your domain associated with Podpage, follow our standard setup instructions with a slight tweak. Here's a quick guide to ensure a seamless integration:
Standard Setup Steps

  1. Follow Regular Domain Setup:

    • Begin by following the standard instructions for setting up your domain with Podpage. Refer to our comprehensive guide for detailed steps.

Special Consideration for Cloudflare Users

  1. Caution with "Proxied" Records:

    • When adding Podpage DNS records in Cloudflare, pay special attention to the proxy status. Ensure that the Podpage DNS records are set to "DNS only" instead of being "Proxied."

  2. Verify DNS Record Status:

    • Double-check that the two records you add for Podpage remain in the "DNS only" status within Cloudflare.

Final Touch

  1. Complete Regular Setup:

    • Once you've adjusted the proxy settings, proceed to complete the regular domain setup steps provided by Podpage.

Seamless Integration

By making this small adjustment in Cloudflare, you ensure that the DNS records for Podpage are optimized for compatibility and performance.

Enhance your Podpage experience by seamlessly integrating it with Cloudflare. Follow these steps for a flawless setup.

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