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Adding Guest Profiles to your website
Adding Guest Profiles to your website

With Guest Profiles, you now have the ability to create dedicated pages for each of your podcast guests.

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At Podpage, our mission has always been to cater to the specific needs of podcasters, providing features that enhance the podcasting experience. With Guest Profiles, you now have the ability to create dedicated pages for each of your podcast guests. These pages serve as a comprehensive hub of information about your guests, complete with their bio, photos, links, and a list of all the episodes they've been featured in.

How Does It Work?

Adding guest profiles is a straightforward process that seamlessly integrates with your episode management. Here's how it works:

  1. Edit Your Episode: On the edit page of any episode, you'll find a new section dedicated to adding or removing guests.

  2. Manage Your Guest List: This section displays a list of all the guests you've added to your Podpage account. You can easily view and edit your guest list by clicking "View/Edit Guests."

  3. Customize Guest Information: For each guest, you can add a range of details, including photos, bios, links, and more. Alternatively, you can simply add their name, which will appear in the list of episodes.

  4. Enhanced Visibility: If you've entered additional information about your guests, it will be prominently displayed at the bottom of your episode page.

Seamless Navigation to Guest Profiles

All references to your podcast guests across your website will now lead visitors to a dedicated guest profile page. This page provides a comprehensive overview of each guest, creating a more engaging and informative experience for your audience.

We're excited to see how you utilize Guest Profiles to enhance your podcasting journey. Whether you're showcasing your guests' expertise or providing your audience with a deeper connection to those who join your podcast, Guest Profiles are a valuable addition that elevates your podcasting game.

Check out the quick intro video below:


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