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Automatically Adding Guests to Episode Pages on Import
Automatically Adding Guests to Episode Pages on Import

Streamline Your Podcast Guest Management Process with Podpage

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In this guide, we'll show you how Podpage makes it effortless to set up guest profiles ahead of time and have those guests automatically added to your podcast episodes when we import the episode of the feed.

Additionally, you can choose to send email notifications to your guests when the episode is released, all within the Podpage platform.

Note: You MUST do this BEFORE the episode is imported. We ONLY check to auto-attaching guests when importing the episode for the first time.

Creating Guest Profiles

Before you can start adding guests to your episodes, you need to ensure that guest profiles are set up. This can be done manually or by using our convenient guest intake form, which allows you to send a link to your guests, so they can provide their information.

  1. Manual Guest Profile Creation: If you prefer to create guest profiles manually, navigate to your dashboard and click on "Publish," then select "Guests." From there, you can add new guest profiles one by one.

  2. Guest Intake Form: Alternatively, you can streamline the process by sending your guests a link to our guest intake form. They can fill in their details, making it easier for you to manage their information.

Assign an Upcoming Episode number to Guests

Once you have guest profiles set up, it's time to attach them to the episodes they'll be featured in. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your dashboard and click on "Publish," then select "Guests" to access the guest management page.

  2. Choose the guest you want to add to an upcoming episode by clicking on their profile.

  3. In the guest's profile, locate and click on "Attach to an Upcoming Episode."

  4. Specify the episode number on which the guest will appear. For example, if the guest is scheduled for episode 13, simply input "13."

  5. If your podcast is organized into seasons, don't worry. Use the episode number as is, even for seasonal episodes. For instance, for season 5, episode 13, input "13." We'll automatically associate the guest with the correct episode.

  6. As long as you've specifically defined the episode number with your podcast host so it appears as the "Number" in the feed, Podpage will automatically attach the guest, and you'll see their information displayed on the episode page.

Note: The ONLY WAY this will work is if the episode in the feed has a number defined in the <number> tag of the feed itself. It wont work if the number only appears in the episode title / description.

Sending Email Alerts to Guests

If you'd like to keep your guests informed about episode releases, Podpage offers a convenient feature to send email alerts to them. Here's how to set it up:

  1. In your dashboard, go to "Publish" and select "Episodes."

  2. Click on "Guest Alerts" to access the guest alert settings.

  3. Toggle the setting to enable email alerts for guests.

Now, when you release an episode featuring a guest, Podpage will automatically send them an email notification, keeping them in the loop about your podcast's latest content.

By following these steps, you can streamline your podcast guest management process, ensuring that your guests are seamlessly integrated into your episodes and informed about their episode releases. Podpage makes it easy to save time and provide a better experience for both podcasters and their guests.

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