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Give your audience an easy way to get in touch using the Contact Form
Give your audience an easy way to get in touch using the Contact Form
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Building a strong connection with your podcast audience is essential, and what better way to do so than by offering them an easy way to send you a message? Podpage simplifies this interaction by providing you with the option to include a contact form on your website. This feature allows your audience to send you quick messages via email, facilitating direct communication between you and your listeners.

Effortless Communication

With the Podpage contact form, staying connected has never been easier:

  • User-Friendly Contact Form: We add a simple and user-friendly contact form to your website, making it hassle-free for your audience to send you messages.

  • Immediate Email Notifications: When a message is sent through the contact form, Podpage immediately sends you a copy via email. This ensures that you're promptly notified of incoming messages.

  • Message Inbox: In addition to email notifications, all messages sent via the contact form are accessible in your Podpage message inbox. This centralized location allows you to manage and respond to messages conveniently.

Spam Filtering

We understand the importance of a clutter-free inbox. Podpage takes care of spam messages for you:

  • Spam Filtering: We employ spam filtering mechanisms to detect and filter out unwanted spam messages. While these messages are accessible in your Podpage dashboard, they won't clutter your email inbox.

Stay Connected, Hassle-Free

The contact form feature on Podpage simplifies the process of staying connected with your podcast audience. It streamlines communication, ensures immediate notifications, and even helps you manage spam messages, allowing you to focus on building meaningful relationships with your listeners.

Enhance your audience engagement and provide your listeners with an easy way to reach out by enabling the contact form on your Podpage website today.


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