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How to set up Episode Links to go to your Podpage
How to set up Episode Links to go to your Podpage
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When you're listening to a podcast episode in an app like Apple Podcasts, you might notice there is an option to open the "Episode Link" (or similar). This is a URL that's in your feed that tells podcast players where listeners should go for more specific information about that episode.

This is a great opportunity to drive listeners to your website, where they can learn more about you, subscribe to your mailing list, and more.

Unfortunately, most Podcast hosts automatically add their own URL to your feed, driving your listeners to your generic podcast host page. This is a LOT less effective than sending them to the website you've spent time and effort creating.

Bonus: It helps your SEO!

Plus, using your own link means all these players are going to link to your page, which will help your SEO and put your website on the top of Google's results.

Once your episode is published, you can replace your default episode link with the link to that episode page on your website. Simply log into your podcast host, go to edit that episode, and look for a field called "episode link", "episode website", "episode url", "Permalink", etc...

Here are some links to instructions for customizing the episode link on:

If you can't find it on your host, contact their support and ask them how to do it!

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