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Pre-setting the URL for my next episode
Pre-setting the URL for my next episode
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How Podpage creates episode URLs

Podpage automatically creates two URLs for every episode: The human readable URL (indexed by Google) and a quicklink redirect.

Human-readable episode URLs

Podpage creates human-readable episode URLs using the episode title (so an episode called "The Big Game" would turn into In most cases, this is perfect and great for SEO.

But sometimes, you might want better control. Let's say the tile of your episode is "Fishing with Nick". If you did nothing, Podpage would make the URL /fishing-with-nick/, but you want a simpler episode url: /fishing/.

You can define that BEFORE Podpage imports it, so Podpage creates the right URL from the start.

Quicklink Redirect

Podpage will automatically create redirects based on episode number and season. You dont need to do anything for this to work. For example:

Setting the human readable URL ahead of time in your feed

Most podcast hosts let you define the episode link when you're publishing the new episode to your feed. For example, in Buzzsprout, you can enter a link for Custom Episode Webpage. Other hosting providers call it something different, but ask them and they'll show you where to enter it.

To pre-set your episode URL on Podpage, simply enter a link into your podcast host when publishing the episode. If you use a link that matches your Podpage URL, then we will just use whatever URL you define here.

So, let's say you're using the custom domain for Podpage. If you use that as part of your custom episode website URL in Buzzsprout, then we'll just use that.

Podpage will see that, and use /fishing/ as your URL for that episode, automatically!

It's that simple. Just put it in your feed, and we'll use that. 😊

What if you put the quicklink redirects in your feed?

If you want to use quicklinks in your feed, that's fine, but we will just create the normal human-readable episode URL for the episode.

The old way (soon to be deprecated)

If you'd like to pre-set this url before the episode is released, you can do that by going to Episodes and clicking Set ahead of time

Enter an episode URL there ('the-big-game') and that's what will be used for the next episode Podpage imports. Once we import a new episode, we will clear this field.

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