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Streamline Your Episode Sharing with Quick Links
Streamline Your Episode Sharing with Quick Links
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At Podpage, we're all about simplifying the podcasting experience for creators. Beyond just managing your episodes and show content, we've taken it a step further by introducing Quick Links using episode numbers. These Quick Links make sharing your episodes a breeze and provide a memorable way to direct your audience to specific content.

How Quick Links Using Episode Numbers Work

If your podcast feed includes episode numbers, we've got you covered. Podpage automatically generates Quick Links for your episodes in a user-friendly format. Here's how it works:

  • Simple Episode Number Format: For episodes without seasons, we create straightforward Quick Links using just the episode number. For example, if you have an Episode 51, your Quick Link would be

  • Seasons and Episodes: If your podcast has seasons, we adopt the format s[season]e[episode]. This means that for Season 4, Episode 10, your Quick Link would be

Why Use Quick Links?

Quick Links using episode numbers offer several benefits:

  • Concise and Memorable: These Quick Links are perfect for sharing on audio platforms, social media, or even in your podcast episodes. They're concise and easy to remember, ensuring your audience can find specific episodes effortlessly.

  • Predictable: You'll know these Quick Links in advance, which means you can confidently share them with your audience. No more guessing or complicated URLs – Episode 30 will always be

  • SEO-Friendly: Rest assured that these Quick Links are 301 permanent redirects, which means they won't confuse search engines or harm your SEO efforts. They seamlessly forward to your actual episode pages with search engine-friendly URLs.

Enhance Your Podcasting Experience

Podpage's Episode Quick Links using episode numbers are designed to make your podcasting journey smoother and more efficient. Whether you're promoting your latest episode on social media or providing easy access to specific content in your show, Quick Links simplify the process.

Start using Quick Links to share your episodes with confidence, and ensure your audience can access your content effortlessly. With Podpage, it's all about making podcasting easier for you and more enjoyable for your listeners.


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