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How Does Podpage Support Private Feeds?
How Does Podpage Support Private Feeds?

With Podpage's support for Private Feeds, even private podcasts can have an incredible online presence.

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Podpage is dedicated to providing podcasters with the tools they need to create outstanding podcast websites. Whether your podcast is public or private, we're here to help. For private podcasters, our support for Private Feeds is the key to creating an incredible podcast website without giving away your valuable content.

How Private Feeds change how the website works

Podpage makes it easy for private podcasters to create a website that supports private RSS feeds. Whether your private podcast is hosted on Supercast, Patreon, or any other platform, here's how we can assist you:

Streamlined Subscription Process: We replace all media players on your website with a prominent "SUBSCRIBE" button that directs visitors to your chosen subscription platform. This simplifies the process for your audience, making it easy for them to access your exclusive content.

No Player Links: With Podpage, there are no distracting links to external player sites for your private podcast. Your website remains focused on encouraging subscriptions to your private feed.

Clear Call to Action: Your website's call to action becomes crystal clear – "SUBSCRIBE." This button serves as a powerful reminder to your visitors that they can access premium content by subscribing to your private feed.

Access to Show Notes: Visitors to your website can still explore your show notes and gain insights into each episode's content, providing them with valuable context and information.

No Direct Listening: While visitors can access show notes and episode details, they won't be able to listen to your episodes directly on your website. To enjoy your content, they'll need to obtain their own private feed from the platform you've chosen for your subscription-only content.

Unlock the Potential of Your Private Podcast

Podpage's support for Private Feeds empowers private podcasters to create impressive websites without compromising their exclusive content. It's an essential tool for private podcasters who want to offer an exceptional experience to their subscribers.

Ready to enhance your private podcast's online presence? Activate Private Feeds and start redirecting your visitors to your private, subscription-only feed. It's a powerful way to maintain control over your valuable content while providing your audience with a top-notch podcast website.

With Podpage's support for Private Feeds, even private podcasts can have an incredible online presence. Your audience is just a click away from accessing your exclusive content.

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