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Creating Exclusive Content: Private Pages on Podpage
Creating Exclusive Content: Private Pages on Podpage

Private pages on Podpage allow you to create exclusive content for special listeners, such as patrons or donors, to reward their support.

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As a professional podcaster, curating content for a dedicated audience segment can add immense value to your listeners' experience. Whether it's for premium subscribers, generous patrons, or supportive donors, private pages on your Podpage website can serve as an exclusive hub for special content. Below is a step-by-step guide to creating and managing these private pages, ensuring they remain accessible only to your select audience.

Creating Custom Pages

Begin by navigating to the Publish section of your Podpage dashboard and select Custom Pages. Here, you can create new custom pages that will house your exclusive content.

Setting Page Privacy

By default, any page you create on Podpage is public. To cater to a special audience, you may prefer to make these pages private or protected.

Password Protection

For a simple layer of privacy, password protect any page you create. This will prompt visitors to enter a pre-set password to view the content on the page.

Hidden Pages

Alternatively, you can opt to hide your custom page entirely from the public view. Decide whether the page link should appear in your site's navigation bar, footer, both, or neither. If you choose not to display the link anywhere, the page remains hidden, accessible only via a direct link you provide to your special members.

Dual Privacy Approach

For added security, combine both methods. Password-protect a hidden page to ensure that only those with both the link and the password can access the content.

Rewarding Your Dedicated Listeners

Utilize these strategies to create a unique space on your Podpage for your most dedicated listeners. Whether it's bonus episodes, behind-the-scenes content, or special announcements, private pages can enhance your engagement with your audience and provide a tangible benefit for their support.

Remember: The exclusivity of your content is a value proposition for your listeners. Use Podpage's private pages to acknowledge and reward their loyalty in a way that feels personal and privileged.

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