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My episodes aren't updating when I update my host?
My episodes aren't updating when I update my host?
Updated over a week ago

Podpage imports episodes when they are first released and saves the info to our database. This gives the option to customize any content you want on your website, such as add photos to the show notes, add embeddable players, add additional content, change the episode title, and more.

This also means that once we import the episode from your feed, we dont continually check to see if you've changed anything about it. If you change something on your podcast host site about a past episode, those changes will not automatically show up on Podpage.

If you find yourself in this state, you have two options:

  1. Make the change on Podpage also. Just go to Publish → Episodes → Edit on any episode and make the change there.

  2. Re-sync your feed to pull in updated content. Go to Publish → Episodes → Refresh Episode Data from Feed and click "Re-sync" on the side, then choose if you want to re-sync Refresh everything except images, Refresh everything or Delete all episode and re-import. This will clear any changes you've made to these episodes on Podpage, so be careful here.

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