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Can I set up my Podpage at
Can I set up my Podpage at
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Exploring Podpage Domain Setup: What You Need to Know

Your Podpage offers flexibility in terms of domain setup, allowing you to choose between two main options:


These configurations enable your podcast page to be easily accessible when visitors navigate to the designated domains. However, it's crucial to understand that Podpage cannot be embedded within an existing website or set up as

This limitation arises from the technical structure of domain pointing and server configurations.

Why the Limitation?

  1. Server Pointing: When you set up your domain name (e.g.,, it points to a specific server that hosts all the files for your website.

  2. Subfolder Challenge: Unfortunately, you cannot configure the domain name to point to a different server for specific subfolders (e.g., /podcast). This technical limitation makes it impossible to embed Podpage within an existing website at a subfolder level.

Supported Domain Configurations

  • Ideal for a standalone podcast website with the main domain.

  • Suitable for a subdomain setup, providing a distinct location for your podcast content.

Unsupported Configuration

  • Embedding Podpage within a subfolder of an existing website is not technically feasible and is not supported.

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