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Using Popups in Podpage to Engage Your Website Visitors
Using Popups in Podpage to Engage Your Website Visitors
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Popups are a versatile feature in Podpage that allows you to create custom popups for your website visitors. These popups serve as an effective tool to engage your audience, deliver clear calls to action, and enhance user interaction. In this article, we will walk you through how to set up and customize popups in Podpage, including three different options: collecting email addresses, promoting specific content, and using your own custom code.

Access the Popup Configuration

Log in to your Podpage dashboard and navigate to the "Design" section. From there, click on "Popup."

Now, let's explore each of the three popup options in detail.

Popup to Collect Email Addresses

This option allows you to capture email addresses from your website visitors effectively.

  1. Upload a Popup Image: Start by uploading an image that will be displayed at the top of your popup. We recommend using a horizontal image to ensure it fits well on the average screen.

  2. Add an Email Capture Message: Craft a compelling and concise message that explains why visitors should sign up for your email list.

  3. Email Capture Disclaimer: Customize the email capture disclaimer if needed. By default, it says: "By signing up, you agree to receive email from this podcast."

  4. Email Capture Button Label: Modify the button label as desired. The default label is "Subscribe."

  5. Configure Popup Settings: Decide when and how often the popup should appear. Set the delay in seconds before the popup appears and specify how frequently visitors should see it. Note that setting this value to 0 means they will see it every time they visit.

Popup to Promote Something

This option enables you to create popups to promote specific content or offers on your website.

  1. Upload a Popup Image: Similar to the email capture popup, upload an image for the top of your popup.

  2. Craft Your Popup Message: Write the message you want to display in your popup modal.

  3. Button Text: Specify the text that will appear on the button within the popup.

  4. Button Link (Optional): If desired, provide a URL that the button will link to when clicked. If left blank, the button will simply close the popup.

  5. Configure Popup Settings: Determine when and how often the popup should appear, just like in the email capture popup configuration.

Use Your Own Code

For those who prefer more customization, Podpage allows you to incorporate your own custom popup code.

  1. Copy Custom Popup Code: Obtain the custom popup code from your preferred mailing list or promotional provider. Ensure that the code is for a "modal" or "popup" form.

By following these instructions, you can effectively utilize the power of popups on your Podpage website to engage your visitors and drive desired actions.

Remember to save your changes, and your popups will be active on your website, providing a seamless and engaging user experience.

If you encounter any issues or have further questions about popups in Podpage, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance. We're here to help you make the most of this powerful feature.

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