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How the Announcement Banner Works
How the Announcement Banner Works

The Announcement Banner is a powerful feature that allows you to convey important messages or promotions to visitors on your website.

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The Announcement Banner is a powerful tool when you need to promote something specific to every visitor on your website. Whether it's a limited-time offer, an important announcement, or a call to action, the Banner helps you grab your audience's attention.

What is the Announcement Banner?

The Announcement Banner is a colored strip located at the top of your website, visible on every page. It's positioned above the navigation bar, ensuring that your message gets noticed.

You have the flexibility to display plain text or include a link within the Announcement Banner. This allows you to direct visitors to specific pages or external websites.

How to Set Up the Announcement Banner

To configure your Announcement Banner, navigate to Design โ†’ All Pages in your website's dashboard.

Customization Options

Within the Announcement Banner settings, you can define the following elements:

  • Text: Enter the message or information you want to convey to your visitors.

  • Link: If needed, provide a URL to link to. This can direct visitors to a specific webpage or resource.

  • Open in a New Window: Decide whether the linked content should open in a new browser window or tab.

  • Background Color: Choose the background color for the Announcement Banner to match your website's branding or highlight the message.

  • Text Color: Select the text color that ensures readability and complements your design.

By utilizing the Announcement Banner, you can effectively communicate your message and engage your website's visitors, ensuring that your important information doesn't go unnoticed.

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