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Monetize Your Podcast with Podpage's Membership Integration
Monetize Your Podcast with Podpage's Membership Integration

Podpage's membership tools empower you to unlock multiple revenue streams via Patreon, Supporting Cast, Paypal,, or Supercast.

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Podpage understands the importance of offering diverse monetization options to podcasters. That's why we've made it incredibly convenient for you to drive traffic to various membership programs, including Patreon, Supporting Cast, Paypal,, and our enhanced integration with Supercast. Here's how to add membership widgets and links to boost your podcast revenue:

Step 1: Access Your Podpage Dashboard

  1. Log into Your Podpage Account: Start by logging into your Podpage Dashboard, your central hub for managing your podcast website.

Step 2: Explore Membership Integration

  1. Navigate to the "Earn" Section: In your Dashboard, find and click on the "Earn" section. This is where you'll discover options for monetizing your podcast and connecting with your audience.

  2. Add Membership Widgets and Links

    • Patreon: If you use Patreon for your membership program, go to the "Memberships" section and add your Patreon membership link.

    • Supporting Cast: To incorporate Supporting Cast memberships, go to the "Memberships" section and add your Supporting Cast membership link.

    • Paypal: If you prefer to offer membership via Paypal, go to the "Memberships" section and add your Paypal membership link.

    • For users, visit the "Memberships" section and add your membership link.

    • Supercast (Enhanced Integration): Podpage offers an enhanced integration with Supercast, which includes the unique feature of adding a membership widget on the platform. This allows your listeners to immediately subscribe through Supercast, providing a seamless and direct way to access exclusive content.

By adding membership widgets and links in the "Earn" section, you can provide your audience with multiple ways to support your podcast and access exclusive content.

Unlock Multiple Revenue Streams

Podpage's membership integration empowers you to unlock multiple revenue streams. Whether you prefer Patreon, Supporting Cast, Paypal,, or the enhanced Supercast integration, you can diversify your monetization strategy and connect with your dedicated audience.

Start offering memberships through your Podpage website today and watch your podcast thrive. Your listeners have convenient access to various membership options, with Supercast offering an exceptional and direct subscription experience.


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