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How does the free trial work?
How does the free trial work?

Explore the Podpage 14-day trial – full access to Basic and Pro features without the need for a credit card.

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At Podpage, we offer a 14-day trial for every website, granting you full access to Basic and Pro package features. You don't need to upgrade. The features will automatically be available for new websites.

This guide will walk you through the trial period, its features, and what to expect once the trial ends. Dive in to make the most of your Podpage trial experience.

Understanding the Podpage Trial

Access to Pro and Basic Features (Except Custom Domain)

  • No Credit Card Required: Enjoy full access to Basic and Pro features during the trial, with the exception of adding your custom domain. No credit card information is needed, eliminating the risk of accidental charges.

Private Mode During Trial

  • Site Privacy: Your site operates in Private mode during the trial, limiting access to only you and your team. This ensures a secure environment for exploration and customization.

  • Adding Team Members: To grant access to others, navigate to "Settings → Website User Access." Add team members by sending invites. Once accepted, they can log in to view and collaborate on your site.

Upgrading to Full Accessibility

  • Upgrade for Full Access: Upon upgrading, your site becomes accessible to everyone, either through the address or your custom domain.

Trial Expiration and Site Reactivation

  • Site Expiration: If you choose not to upgrade within 14 days, the site will show as expired. However, it's crucial to note that the site is saved, and reactivation is possible at any time. Simply upgrade, and your site will be immediately accessible again.

Making the Most of Your Podpage Trial

Take advantage of the Podpage trial to explore and customize your podcast website. Whether you're evaluating features, collaborating with a team, or preparing for a full launch, our trial period provides a risk-free opportunity to experience the Podpage difference.

If you have questions or need assistance during your trial or the upgrade process, our support team is here to help. Podpage is committed to ensuring your podcasting journey is seamless and successful. Happy podcasting!

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