Podpage automatically will add Apple's Smart Banner to your website, so if a user visits your site on iOS, they will see an easy link to open Apple Podcasts.

Try a different device

If you're testing this out and don't see it, the most likely reason is you've already dismissed it or seen it when visiting your website before. Apple doesn't want to keep showing it if you're not clicking on it, so they eventually stop showing it to returning visitors.

Since the beginning of creating Podpage, 100% of customers who've told us the banner isn't showing have been in this situation. 100% of the time, when we visit their site, we see it.

So, step 1 is to just find another iOS device that you've never visited your Podpage from and try from there.

If that doesn't work, then you can try a few other things:

Make sure it's turned on

Go to Website → Advanced Settings in the dashboard and make sure the "Show Apple Smart Banner" checkbox is clicked.

Make sure your Apple ID is correct

Go to Reviews → All Reviews → Settings and make sure the Apple ID listed is correct

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