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Transferring a website to someone else
Transferring a website to someone else

This guide will explain how to transfer a Podpage website to a different user's account

Updated over a week ago

If you have been managing a website, and now you want to transfer it to a new owner, here's how to do it:

Step 1: Have the new owner create an account

Tell the new owner to go to and create an account. They dont need to create a website, but they need to set up a way to log in to Podpage.

Step 2a: Submit a ticket to have it moved

For Podpage websites on the FREE plan

In this case, it's easy. Just open a support ticket and send us the link to the website you control and the user you'd like it transferred to. We will move the page over for you.

For Podpage websites on the BASIC or PRO plans

This is a little more complicated because you are already paying for a page, and when we move it, we dont want to cause any downtime with the custom domain.

First, ask the user to go to and add their credit card. Then, send us a support ticket CCing the new owner with the request to transfer. We will upgrade their new account to whatever the level of your account is, move the website, then cancel the subscription on your account. This will ensure no downtime.

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