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Add new links / tabs to my navigation bar
Add new links / tabs to my navigation bar
Updated over a week ago

Your Podpage comes with some default links at the top of the page in your Navigation bar. Typical links are to the About page, Episode list, Contact page, and more.

But many times, that's not enough, and you want to add more. With Podpage, that's easy.

If you'd like to add a link in your navigation bar that links to an external site, go to Design β†’ Navigation Bar β†’ Navigation Bar Links

This will list the links in your nav bar and you can turn on/off the ones that come with your Podpage site.

If you'd like to add more, click the button at the bottom.

On this page, you can choose

  • Name - What text appears in the navigation bar

  • Redirect to URL - Where the user is taken when they click this link

  • Open in new window - If the browser opens a new tab/window when a user clicks this link

  • Show Link In - If you want the link to appear in the nav bar, footer, both, or neither.

Once you add this, you'll see it at the top of your page!

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