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Import YouTube Videos into your website
Import YouTube Videos into your website
Learn how to configure your website to import videos from your YouTube channel.
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Podpage allows you to connect YouTube and import videos directly into your website, similar to how we import podcast episodes from a podcast feed.

  • You connect YouTube channel to Podpage

  • Import all videos into Podpage

  • Create a "Videos" section of your website

  • Create an individual web page for every video

  • Automatically check for videos once a day

Setting it up

Go to your dashboard and click Videos on the left

Click Settings and enter your channel ID. During the beta, you must enter the channel ID, not the channel username.

If you'd like us to add a "Videos" link to your website's navigation bar, turn on "Show Videos in Navigation Bar"

Click Save. You'll head back to the future video list page.

Sync Videos

Click "Sync New Videos" or "Check for Videos". It SHOULD import your YouTube videos (give it a minute).

If it works, you'll see this:

You can edit the information for all the videos here.

If you don't see this page, but you have Videos, please contact us through support (click the button in the lower right of this screen, or reply to the your YouTube email invite).

Public Website Pages

If you've turned on Show Videos in Navigation Bar (see above), you'll see a new option in your nav bar

That takes you to your video list

You can watch the video on that screen, or click the title / view more to go to the dedicated video page:

That's it!

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