Adding the Fusebox player to your website is easy and you can be up and running in just a few seconds! Here’s how to do it.

Get your Fusebox ID:

  1. First, create or log into your Fusebox account.

  2. Choose the show in your account that you’d like to create a player for.

  3. Copy your show ID from the browser URL bar. For example, for the URL, the ID is VJogy0AxEB

Turn on Fusebox in Podpage:

  1. Log into your Podpage Dashboard

  2. On the left, click Integrations

  3. Choose Fusebox from the list, and enter your Fusebox ID (VJogy0AxEB from above) into the ID field.

Once you save that info, you should be able to go to any episode page on your website and see the Fusebox player. If you don’t see it, please contact support!

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