Sometimes you might want to move your website from one custom domain ( to a new one ( Here's the best way to do it with as little disruption as possible.

First, go to your domain registrar and add Podpage DNS records to the new domain name.

To do this, look at #2 from this article and then WAIT 2-3 hours.

Second, change your domain in the Podpage Dashboard

Go to and click Edit on the domain you already entered

Then replace it with the new domain

Third, set your old domain to forward to the new domain in your registrar

Every registrar (GoDaddy, Google, etc...) does this differently, but generally you want your forwarding settings to be:

  • Permanent (301 Redirect) should be ON. This will tell Google to index the new domain.

  • Masking should be OFF

  • Forward Path should be ON. This will make sure that →

  • SSL should be ON. This will make sure anyone going to the old domain at http:// or https:// will be forwarded

Then, WAIT AN HOUR OR SO. This takes time, but eventually you should be redirected from the old site directly to your Podpage website.

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