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Moving your Podpage from one domain to another
Moving your Podpage from one domain to another

How to move your Podpage domain with as little downtime as possible.

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If you're considering transitioning your Podpage website from an old domain to a new one, this guide provides a comprehensive step-by-step process to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth migration. Follow these steps to seamlessly move from your existing domain ( to a new one (

Step 1: Add Podpage DNS Records to the New Domain

  1. Access Your Domain Registrar: Visit your domain registrar's website.

  2. Add Podpage DNS Records: Follow the instructions in step #2 of this article to add Podpage DNS records to the new domain.

  3. Wait 2-3 Hours: Allow 2-3 hours for the DNS records to propagate

Step 2: Update Domain in Podpage Dashboard

  1. Access Podpage Dashboard: Go to your Podpage Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Domain Settings: Visit

  3. Edit Domain Entry: Click "Edit" on the domain you previously entered.

  4. Replace with New Domain: Replace the existing domain with the new one.

Step 3: Set Up Forwarding in Domain Registrar

  1. Access Domain Registrar's Platform: Visit your domain registrar's platform (e.g., GoDaddy, Google).

  2. Configure Forwarding Settings:

    • Permanent (301 Redirect): Turn ON. Informs Google to index the new domain.

    • Masking: Turn OFF.

    • The Forward Path: Turn ON. Ensures old paths redirect to the new domain path (e.g., β†’

    • SSL: Turn ON. Ensures redirection from both HTTP and HTTPS.

    ​Note: If your registrar lacks these options (e.g., GoDaddy), consider transferring your domain to a provider supporting path forwarding (e.g., Squarespace).

  3. Wait an Hour or So: Allow time for the changes to take effect.

Then, WAIT AN HOUR OR SO. This takes time, but eventually, you should be redirected from the old site directly to your Podpage website.

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