Podpage partners with Cookiebot to provide customized user consent for your website. This puts your website in full compliance with GDPR, ePR and CCPA. Setting it up is easy.

Set up Cookiebot & get your ID

  1. Set up a free Cookiebot account

  2. Add your domain to the Cookiebot dashboard. Make sure to use the domain name that is connected to your Podpage website!

  3. Click Dialog to design how you want your cookie consent form to appear. We recommend displaying it at the bottom of your website.

  4. Click Content to customize what your dialog says

  5. Click Your scripts and copy the "Domain Group ID" (example: 83c5a793-4ndf-4ac2-bbcd-803249325f4d1a)

Add your Cookiebot ID to Podpage

  1. Log into the Podpage Dashboard

  2. Go to SettingsAdvanced Settings

  3. Find Cookiebot Domain Group ID and paste your ID into that box.

  4. Reload your website and see your Cookiebot banner appear

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