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How Podpage Storefront Streamlines Your Merchandise Sales
How Podpage Storefront Streamlines Your Merchandise Sales

Podpage simplifies the process of presenting all your merchandise and e-commerce items in one convenient location

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Podpage simplifies the process of presenting all your merchandise and e-commerce items in one convenient location. Whether you're selling merchandise related to your podcast or other products, our Storefront feature makes it effortless.

Bringing All Your Sales Items Together:

Podpage Storefront brings items you sell elsewhere into your website, creating a unified shopping experience for your audience. The power of Podpage Storefront lies in its flexibility – you can combine all your items from different platforms into one cohesive storefront on your podcast homepage, allowing your listeners to conveniently see all your items in one place.

Getting Started with Podpage Storefront:

  1. Access Your Dashboard: Log in to your Podpage Dashboard, and navigate to the "Earn" section to find the Storefront option.

  2. Add Products: Click on the Storefront option, and you'll discover a section to start adding your products. When adding products, you can include essential details such as the product name, description, price, image, and a buy link.

    • Product Name: Give your product a clear and appealing name.

    • Description: Describe your product in a way that entices potential buyers.

    • Price: Set the price for your product.

    • Image: Upload an image that showcases your product.

    • Buy Link: This is the link to the location on the internet where your listeners can make a purchase. It could be as simple as a PayPal link, a link to a Teespring item, a Shopify page, or any other e-commerce platform.

  3. View Your Store: As you add products, they will automatically appear on a new "Store" tab on your website. When a listener clicks the "Buy" button, they'll be directed to the specified buy link to make a purchase.

Customization Options to Know About:

  • Currency: The default currency symbol is "$," but if you prefer a different currency symbol, you can easily change it by going to Storefront and clicking on "Settings" located on the right.

  • "Store" Label: By default, the "Store" label will be added to your website's navigation bar. If you'd like to use a different label, go to Storefront, click "Settings" on the right, and change the "Store Label." This will update both the navigation bar link and the title on your storefront.

  • Redirect Option: If you prefer to direct users to your external store directly from the navigation bar, you can set up a redirect. Go to Storefront, click "Settings," then select "Redirect to External Store," and enter the external store's URL. Visitors will be sent directly to this URL when they click "Store."

Podpage Storefront simplifies merchandise sales and enhances the shopping experience for your podcast audience. Start using this feature today to showcase and sell your products with ease!


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