Login to your Podpage Dashboard, click Monetization to see Storefront.

Click that and you'll see an area to start adding Products. When adding products, you can add a name, description, price, image, and buy link. The buy link is the place on the internet a listener can buy the item. This could be as simple as a Paypal link, a link to a Teespring item, a Shopify page, etc...

As you add products, they'll be added to a new Store tab on your website. When a listen clicks buy, they'll be taken to the buy link.

That's the core feature for the beta. Please send us feedback, as we'll be improving this feature over time.

Want to see one in action? Check out https://www.talkingmopars.com/store/

Some settings to know about:

  • Currency: The default currency symbol is $, but if you'd like to change that, go to Storefront and click Settings on the right.

  • "Store" label: By default, this will add a link to your nav bar that says "Store". If you'd prefer something else, go to Storefront and click Settings on the right and change the Store Label. This will change it in the nav bar and the title on your storefront.

  • Redirect: If you're prefer for users to be redirected to your actual external store from the nav bar, go to Storefront and click Redirect to External Store and enter the URL. This will send visitors directly to this URL when they click "Store".

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