Podpage automatically adds a media player to every one of your show pages, and depending what header style you pick, your homepage.

Default Player

By default, we will try to use the media player from your podcast host (so you'll see the official Buzzsprout, Libsyn, etc... player). If we can't get your host's player, we use a standard HTML5 player accessible to every mobile browser.

Customizing the colors/style of the default player

There is currently no way to customize the colors of your host player on Podpage. We're hoping to add this, but for the time being we use the standard embed code. In some cases, we can adjust to player for Dark Mode.

Using a Different Player

If you'd rather a different player show up for your episodes, there currently is no way to change the media player with one setting. However, you can change it on an episode-to-episode basis by going into the Episodes list in your dashboard, clicking Edit, and scrolling down to see Custom Media Player

You can enter any embed code for any media player into that box, and that's what we'll use for this episode.

In the future, we hope to make it possible to change the media player across the site with one setting, but that's not currently possible.

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