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Editing the media player on your Podpage
Editing the media player on your Podpage
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Podpage automatically includes a media player on each of your show pages and, depending on your header style choice, on your homepage as well.

Default Player

  • We aim to use the media player from your podcast hosting service (e.g., Buzzsprout, Libsyn) as the default player.

  • If we can't access your host's player, we utilize a standard HTML5 player that's compatible with all mobile browsers.

Customizing the colors/style of the default player

Currently, there is no built-in option to customize the colors or style of your host's player on Podpage. While we're actively working on adding this feature, at present, we rely on the standard embed code. In some cases, we can make adjustments for Dark Mode compatibility.

Using a Different Player

If you prefer to have a different media player for specific episodes, Podpage provides a flexible solution. Although there's no global setting to change the media player site-wide, you can customize it on an episode-to-episode basis by following these steps:

  1. Publish β†’ Episodes

  2. Edit an Episode: Find the episode for which you want to change the media player, click "Edit," and scroll down to find "Custom Media Player."

  3. Enter Embed Code: In the provided box, you can enter the embed code for any media player you prefer. This custom code will be used for the selected episode.

Future Possibilities

While currently, changing the media player across your entire site with a single setting is not available, we are actively exploring ways to make this possible in the future. Our aim is to provide podcasters with even more control and customization options.

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