If you go to your website and you don't see your latest episode, it might be because our servers haven't checked your feed recently. We check about once and hour, but sometimes the system isn't perfect.

To get a missing episode on your site, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Dashboard
  2. Click Episodes
  3. At the top you'll see a note about the last time we checked your feed for new episodes. Click Check Now to check immediately. That will pull any episodes in your feed onto your Podpage.

If you still don't see episodes, that means the episodes are not yet in your feed.

To check this, open your podcast feed from your podcast host and see if they're there (it will be the first <item>. use an XML parser to read it if necessary). If the episode isn't in your RSS feed, please contact your podcast host.

If you see the episodes in your RSS feed, but not on your website, please reach out to support.

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