Letting listeners comment on different pages of your website is easy. We make it easy to integrate some of the industry best (and some free!) commenting systems on your episode pages, blog pages, and custom pages.

To set up commenting, log in and go to Settings → Commenting.

To set up Facebook Commenting

Go to the Facebook Comments Plugin page. Scroll down and click the Get Code button.

If you haven't set up an App, Facebook might make you do that and choose one. If not, move on.

Copy just the text in the quotes after src.

Paste that back into Podpage in the Facebook Comments field

To set up Disqus Commenting

  1. Follow these instructions to get your Short Name

  2. Paste your short name in to the Podpage dashboard.

To set up Hyvor Commenting

FYI, Hyvor is a paid commenting system. You will need to set up an account through them.

  1. Log into your Hyvor account.

  2. Go to your General Settings page.

  3. Copy your Website ID into the Podpage Dashboard

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