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Adding Comments to your Podpage
Adding Comments to your Podpage

How to get comments set up on your website

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Having a dedicated website for your podcast opens up a world of possibilities for connecting directly with your audience, and one of the most effective ways to do that is through comments. Podpage simplifies the process by seamlessly integrating popular commenting systems, allowing you to choose your preferred platform and kickstart meaningful conversations with your listeners. You have the flexibility to integrate Facebook Comments, Disqus, or Hyvor effortlessly.

Why Enable Comments

  • Direct Interaction: Comments provide a direct and interactive channel for you and your audience to engage in discussions about your podcast episodes. It fosters a sense of community and allows listeners to share their thoughts, feedback, and questions.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Enabling comments on episode pages enhances the overall user experience. Listeners can interact with your content, each other, and with you, creating a more immersive and connected podcasting community.

How to Integrate Comments

Enabling comments on your Podpage episode pages is a straightforward process:

  1. Log in to Your Podpage Dashboard

  2. Navigate to Connect β†’ Commenting ​

Setting Up Facebook Commenting

  1. Enable Facebook Commenting: Simply check the "Enable" box, and the Facebook comment box will start appearing on your site.

Setting Up Disqus Commenting

  1. Obtain Your Disqus Short Name: Follow Disqus instructions to get your Short Name.

  2. Paste Short Name into Podpage Dashboard: Copy your Short Name and paste it into the designated field in the Podpage Dashboard. To set up Hyvor Commenting

Setting Up Hyvor Commenting

  1. Create a Hyvor Account: Note that Hyvor is a paid commenting system, so you'll need to create an account with them.

  2. Log In to Your Hyvor Account: Access your Hyvor account and go to the General Settings page.

  3. Copy Website ID to Podpage Dashboard: Copy your Website ID from Hyvor and paste it into the specified field in the Podpage Dashboard.

Foster a Podcasting Community

By enabling comments on your Podpage episode pages, you're not only providing a platform for meaningful discussions but also fostering a sense of community among your listeners. It's an excellent way to strengthen your podcast's connection with its audience, receive valuable feedback, and build a loyal fanbase.

Choose your preferred commenting system, integrate it seamlessly with your Podpage website, and get ready to engage in conversations that enhance your podcasting journey.

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