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Changing your podcast website's footer
Changing your podcast website's footer
Updated over a week ago

Every Podpage (and almost every website) has an area at the bottom of the page with a summary of the site, links to pages on the site, social media buttons, copyright, etc...

Yours is built automatically using the content from your site, but there are some areas you can customize.

Customize the description

If you don't like the paragraph of text that shows under your podcast name, you can edit it in one of two ways.

  1. If you'd like the footer text to be different, go to Design β†’ Footer β†’ Description and you can add new Footer Text that only appears in the footer.

Customize the copyright

By default, we use your podcast's name for your copyright. If you want to use a different name (a business name, etc...), you can do that by going to Design β†’ Footer β†’ Copyrights and changing Footer copyright.

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