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Setting up Google Analytics
Setting up Google Analytics

Here's how to measure all your Podpage traffic through Google Analytics

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Google Analytics stands out as a premier analytics tool, and Podpage makes it effortless to seamlessly connect your website to this robust platform. Follow these simple steps to link your Podpage to your Google Analytics account and unlock valuable insights into your website's performance.

Setting Up Google Analytics

Create a Google Analytics Account:

  • Click here to set up a free Google Analytics account.

Add Your Website as a New Property:

  • In the Analytics dashboard, click "Admin" on the left side.

Navigate to Data Streams:

  • If you see "Data Streams" as an option, you are in the new GA. Click here.

Add Your Podpage as a Data Stream:

  • Select "web" and add your Podpage website address

Copy the Measurement ID:

  • On the page that follows, copy the Measurement ID provided. You'll need to paste this into your Podpage settings.

Integrating with Podpage

  1. Log into Your Podpage Dashboard:

    • Access your Podpage Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Google Analytics Settings:

    • Go to Settings → Advanced Settings.

  3. Paste the ID:

    • In the "Google Analytics Tracking ID" section, paste the Measurement ID (for new GA) or Tracking ID (for old GA) that you copied from Google Analytics.

  4. Save Changes:

    • Save your changes, and your Podpage is now seamlessly integrated with Google Analytics.

By completing these steps, you ensure that your Podpage is connected to Google Analytics, empowering you with powerful tools to understand your website's audience, performance, and more. Harness the insights provided by Google Analytics to enhance your website strategy and optimize user experience.

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