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How to update your preview image on social media
How to update your preview image on social media
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Whenever you share your episodes or podcast on social media, it's important for the preview users see to be compelling and great looking. We've optimized this part of the process for you and hopefully, when you share your page, you'll see a really nice preview containing your podcast or episode artwork.

Sometimes, however, there are issues.

The image isn't correct

If when you share on Twitter or Facebook, the image isn't what you expect it to be, follow the following steps:

Verify what should be showing. Go to and enter the URL there to see a preview of your page. This will show you the preview that Podpage is set up to show.

If is showing the right thing, but Facebook/Twitter/etc is not showing it, then the issue is that the social network has saved an old preview in memory and you need to clear it. To do that, follow these instructions:

If it's wrong on, then you need to change it in Podpage. Go to your Podcast settings, or your individual episode settings and confirm that the image you're expecting is saved there. If not, update it, and go back and enter it into to confirm.

I want to use a different social media image for my podcast

If you'd like to use a different image for your podcast than your official artwork, go to your Dashboard β†’ Grow β†’ Search Optimization β†’ Settings and upload a new Social Sharing Image

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