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Verifying your Podpage with Google Search Console
Verifying your Podpage with Google Search Console

Instructions on how to verify your Podpage domain name with Google Search Console

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If you want great SEO, it's good to submit your site with Google. You do that through the Google Search Console. Here is how to do it.

1. Login to the Google Search Console

You might need to log into your Google / Gmail account

2. Click "Add Property → Add Property in the upper left

3. Enter your domain name under URL fix

In the second column, under URL prefix, enter your domain as (obviously replacing it with your domain name). If you use a subdomain like podcast, enter

4. Choose your verification method

The two easiest verification methods are Google Analytics or HTML Tag.

5. (option 1) If you have already set up Google Analytics with your Podpage, use the Google Analytics method. It will verify the page immediately.

  • Just click verify and it should connect your site.

5. (option 2) If you have not set up Google Analytics, then choose HTML tag.

  • In the <meta name=...> information, copy the value in the "content" tag (so above, you'd copy BL1Ek8g....

  • Go to Podpage dashboard → Settings → Integrations

  • Choose Google Search Console.

  • Paste the "content" value into the box and save.

  • ​Then click Verify in Search Console

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