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How to update your official website link on podcast players
How to update your official website link on podcast players

Stop sending traffic to your podcast host and start sending it to your own website!

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Every podcast player has a <link> field that lists your official website. This is the website address that players like Google Podcasts and others use to point people to learn more about your podcast.

By default, your podcast hosts will set this to their own mini-site for your podcast. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS. This only benefits your podcast host.

Here are some instructions on how to change the website in your hosting provider.

*** WARNING: If you see instructions to Change DNS settings from your host, you're in the wrong spot. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING WITH YOUR DOMAIN name. You are just looking to add your website address to your host. ***



  • Go to Settings

  • Click Feed

  • Click Advanced Settings

  • Find Podcast Website and enter your actual website address (


  • Go to your Podcast Settings (small gear next to the podcast name in the dropdown list)

  • Click Site Settings

  • Scroll to the bottom, in Advanced find Alternate Show Website and enter your actual website address (

  • Click Save in the top right


  • Log into Libsyn and go to your podcast Settings

  • Click Show Settings

  • Change what's in Website Address to your actual website address (

  • Log into Soundcloud and go to your podcasts page

  • Click Edit

  • Add a link to the Your Links section at the bottom with your home and the description "Website"

Podcast. co

  • Log into

  • Click Settings β†’ Advanced

  • Change the Website URL to your Podpage URL

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