Domains can be tricky. It's one of those things that even technical people have trouble with, so please don't worry if you're having some problems. But, we're here to help and overall, using your own domain name with Podpage is easy!

Also, once you successfully change the settings, it still will take time for the new domain mapping to "propagate" across the internet. Just be patient. This can take 2-12 hours.

First, you need to access your DNS settings on your registrar (links below for help finding it) and then you need to add the Podpage DNS settings.

Find you DNS Settings

Find your DNS settings on your registrar (instructions on the list below).

Missing yours? Search Google for "add CNAME to my [registrar name] domain".

Add Podpage's DNS

Click below to get the DNS info you'll need to add to your domain's DNS:

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