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Changing the Navigation Bar of your Website
Changing the Navigation Bar of your Website

How to customize the navigation bar of your Podpage

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Podpage aims to do as much work as we possibly can for you. However, sometimes, you want to customize things a bit further, and we're working to make that possible, but also easy. The last thing we want is for our site to get too complicated and no longer be easy to use!

Changing the link names

The top bar of your website comes with a bunch of default labels ("About", "Episodes", "Contact", "Rate Show", "Reviews", etc...). You might want to customize these a bit, or change them to a different language, and we make that possible.

To update these labels, go to Design → Navigation Bar. You'll see all the changes you can make to your navigation bar.
Click on this drop down box and you can enter alternative names there.

Note: This will actually change these words everywhere on your website, so if you change "Episodes" to "Audio Nuggets", that will replace the word episodes all over your site. This is especially helpful when changing the language.

Adding new links

If you'd like to new links to your Podpage, head over to Design → Navigation Bar → Navigation Bar Links. You can add links to pages on your website, or links to external websites!

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