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Can I buy a domain from Podpage, or do I need my own?
Can I buy a domain from Podpage, or do I need my own?

A quick article about Podpage and domains

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Elevate Your Podpage Experience with Custom Domains

Embarking on a professional journey with your podcast? Upgrade your Podpage plan and unlock the ability to configure a custom domain for a polished online presence.

Tailoring Your Web Address

1. Choose Any Domain:

  • You have the flexibility to select any domain that resonates with your brand. Whether it's or a personalized choice, the stage is yours.

2. Podpage Doesn't Sell Domains:

  • Podpage simplifies the website creation process but doesn't directly sell domains. To acquire your domain, consider reputable domain registrars like Google Domains or GoDaddy.

Seamless Domain Setup

3. Streamlined Domain Purchase:

  • Both Google Domains and GoDaddy offer user-friendly interfaces for domain purchase, making the process straightforward.

4. Configuring Your Podpage:

  • After securing your domain, effortlessly configure it to showcase your Podpage. This integration ensures your audience experiences your podcast website seamlessly.

Elevate Your Online Presence

Empower your podcast with a professional touch by aligning it with a custom domain. Choose a domain that reflects your brand identity and resonates with your audience.

Upgrade, configure, and let your custom domain elevate your Podpage to new heights.

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