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What is a Podpage Network site?
What is a Podpage Network site?

This gives a general overview of the overall features and functionality of a Podpage Network site

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The majority of Podpage users have created a website to host their single podcast on. These websites represent all the player links, episodes, reviews, blog posts, and more related to a single podcast.

Some examples of single websites can be found on our homepage.

What is a network site?

A Podpage Network site is meant to serve as the homepage for a podcast network, which is a single entity that represents many individual podcasts. A Podpage Network site has two main components:

1. The Podpage Network Homepage

This homepage sits at and has a list of the shows that are a part of the network. It can also have custom pages, an about page, or a blog. An example of a live podcast network website is Climactic. This network has an about page and custom pages.

2. The Individual Podcast Show Pages

Every network can add up to 25 podcasts. These are full Podpages, meaning they have all the features of a normal Pro Podpage, except instead of having their own domain, they are a sub-directory of the network's domain. These pages can be accessed at You can see and browse Climactic's shows here.

Do the show pages have identical functionality to an individual Pro plan?

Almost. Episodes and reviews are automatically imported. They can have their own blogs, revenue pages, custom pages, social network links and more. The biggest limitations are:

  1. Individual pages cannot have their own domains. They are a subsection of the network domain.

  2. There are fewer customizations. Some of the individual page customizations are set at the network level, so that there is some consistency across all the pages. For example, you can't give one show page a black background and the other a pink one.

  3. All pages are managed by the network admin. For now, there is only one login associated with the network page and all of the sub pages, meaning, you can't give out logins for the individual hosts to manage their own pages.

Other Questions

How much is a network site?

You can find current pricing for a network site at

What happens if I need more than 25 shows?

Just contact us and we can talk about plans that allow more than 25 shows.

Are there other examples I can see?

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